Daily Card for 4/30/20 – The Singer of Healing (reversed)

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This reversed Singer would like to point out that we are often the biggest obstacle in our healing path. We eat and drink things we know make us feel worse, we push our physical limits over and over without giving ourselves the proper recovery time, and we avoid taking measures to physically, mentally, and spiritually heal because we know it will be difficult or because we would just rather do something else.

At the root of our self sabotage are our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves as well as the world around us. It is so prevalent in our lives because it takes consistency to overcome and consistency to maintain. You can feel on top of the world one day and slip back into self-destruct mode the next. It feels like defeat but you did not lose anything that you learned or accomplished. It’s still there, only temporarily hidden by a bad day.

The words “I can’t” and anything similar should be removed from your vocabulary entirely. When you use words like that, even and especially in your thoughts, you are not giving yourself a fighting chance. Your internal and external dialogue is the cornerstone of your healing.

If you focus on what you lack then you are ensuring that you will never have enough. If you focus on your weaknesses you are ignoring your strengths and weakening them in the process. If you focus on your strengths and the good in life you will cultivate both.

Your power lies with the ability to accept what actually is without placing a good/bad label on it or creating excuses and predictions for it. This is not for you to dwell on it, only to acknowledge so you can learn how to live and work with it or around it.

Get you some mantras! Tell yourself (out loud!) every day all the good things within you, knowing it will feel awkward at first but will soon become one of the best habits you can attend to. Listen to your stress, pain, depression, and anxiety for they are trying to tell you where healing and lifestyle change is needed. Work hard not to avoid those changes because they seem so far out of reach. Though healing and creating better in your life is an almost endless process, there are plenty of places that feel wonderful along the way and each milestone leaves you feeling better in you’re every-day than the last.


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