Daily Card for 5/2/20 – The Keeper

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No matter what you say or do, things will act according to their nature. This can be quite disheartening for those of us who want to make the world a better place and often devastating just trying to make our personal worlds better.

The fact is, even the things we might perceive as “bad” serve the whole and when we look at our problems through the lens of the previous centuries you will see patterns and learn how best to work with those patterns. Warring societies, plagues, overconsumption of resources leading to the rise and fall of civilizations, these are our patterns.

This does not mean we shouldn’t try to do better, only that we should take a hard look at our history to understand what already worked or failed. We also cannot force others to see these things, it’s not of their nature. All you can do is speak your truth with love and show others through your actions. Those who agree are your people but so are those who disagree, they just have different places in your life and efforts.

On a more personal level, cultivate your life with intention and let go of your need to fix others. You cannot fix them because that is their responsibility. You can help them in small ways and sometimes plant the seeds of change in their mind but they have to want it and care for it themselves. If you’re struggling with a specific person in your life, you have to consider what their nature is and accept it or let it go. Do not keep them because you think they have potential, allow them to walk their path, no matter how difficult, because it is their path and not yours. If you learn and practice a compassionate detachment you will breathe a lot easier and cry a lot less.


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