Daily Card – The Green Woman (reversed)

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Some people live their entire lives without knowing the natural magic around and inside of themselves. Each of us has the ability to heal and harm others as well as ourselves, and if that’s not magic, I really don’t know what is.

When we are forced to use all our energy to survive in the material world we can easily overlook the power we have to affect our material world by working with our emotional and spiritual selves. Mind, body, and spirit are parts of your whole self, so if one aspect is neglected, you will continue to feel unfulfilled. This is where the whole “money can’t buy happiness” thing comes in.

For many of us, money could really help eliminate some problems but it doesn’t change the fact that happiness and fulfillment comes from nurturing all aspects of ourselves and extending that warmth and love to others.

There is a picture in my mind of one person comforting another. The person doing the comforting always wishes they could do more. They may understand that they’re helping but rarely understand the depth and power of the light they share, and even more rarely do they shine that light into their own dark corners. It’s a good thing that sharing that light helps to heal the light-bearer even when they’re unaware of it.

The drawing of today’s card asks you to use that light to illuminate the mental and spiritual aspects of yourself that need to be cultivated. They may be tiny little seeds right now and you may have no idea what they will become, but with proper care they will grow large and spill over into your 3D world. It’s time to fill your cup!


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