Daily Card – The Seer

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Today’s message is a gentle reminder to get out of your head. Of course it can be helpful to briefly analyze most situations but I don’t have to tell you that overanalyzing causes more harm than good. You will find better answers at this time by listening to your gut.

Our brains are truly awesome but they are known to nourish our doubts and fears. Take pen to paper and purge some of that stuff from your head then get comfortable and take 5-10 minutes to sit quietly and meditate. Make it a point to acknowledge and feel each part of your body then ask your question. Let your thoughts come and go without the judgement from your brain. As each thought occurs, notice how your body, particularly your gut, reacts to each one.

Obviously different things work for different people but this should be helpful to most. Another suggestion is to ask your question before you go to bed with the belief that your subconscious is capable of giving you an answer. The belief, or surrender to your subconscious, is rather important as it should reduce the pre-sleep chatter in your brain. Chances are you will wake up with an answer. It’s a real thing, this is where the phrase “sleep on it” comes from.


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