Don’t believe in magic? Allow me to shift your perspective!

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Magical people and mythical creatures have been the subject of all the interesting parts of our history since before the written word. Histories were passed down from generation to generation through spoken stories, singing, dancing and pictures painted onto stone.

Before we knew our sun was a star, we explained it’s mystery by calling it a god. Allow an ancient to follow you around for a day and they would see nothing but magic. They never could have even imagined the things we take for granted every day.

If we know one thing in life, it is that all of us collectively know nothing compared to what we want to know. We might not know how to measure something but that doesn’t mean it can’t be measured, we’re just not currently equipped to do so.

Consider the human brain for a moment.

Modern science has made tremendous advancements in understanding how our brains function, especially since the onset of our technological revolution.

We can measure brain waves and see sparks lighting up areas that seem to correspond to stimulus in a somewhat uniform manner. We create studies and social experiments that help us to quantify experience and calculate probabilities, but we still know comparatively very little about that incredible gray matter between our ears.

Now think about electricity.

Yes, the stuff that powers your tv and your brain. You can feel it thicken before a storm or peering silently at you from across a crowded room. It dances in waves of sound and light then goes…where? Into your ears, your eyes, the prickling hairs on your neck, or the unconscenting person beside you.

This is why “raising your vibration” is a thing. It’s just another way for us to try to understand the energy all around us so we can utilize it to improve our lives.

Now I’m not a “full on” law of attraction person but it’s basis is solid. If you are miserable you will absolutely repel others. Opportunity doesn’t come from a void, it comes from other people and outside circumstances.

As for manifesting success or love with the power of your thoughts, at the very least, this is psychology 101. Sometimes we have to screw with our own brains in order to get out of old patterns and habits. What better way to do this than practicing believing in yourself and visualizing your goals?

Are you familiar with the “Placebo Effect”?

In the world of pharmaceuticals, a drug may be considered effective if it has a higher rate of success than the placebo which is known will not affect the outcome. The placebo effect can be as low as 15% and as high as 72% relating directly to the length of treatment and number of doctor’s visits.

Mind over matter may not be understood or easily utilized but it is very real. Obviously you’re not going to think a gushing wound into sutchuring itself but your state of mind has a documented direct affect on the healing process.

Herbs and oils and crystals, oh my!

Just about every pharmaceutical we’ve ever made has been based on plant, animal, and mineral usages that have been utilized for ages. Lepidolite crystals contain lithium that can be absorbed through the skin, everyday quartz is used to power watches, I don’t know what’s in a smokey quartz but give some to an anxious person to hold and watch them chill.

Now I’m not saying get rid of your doctors or anything but combining modern medicine with other “bunk” can add greatly to the healing process. We get so caught up in scoffing at trends that we tend to forget there’s a reason why some things became a trend.

Next time you find yourself in disbelief, stop for a moment to consider that it might actually be possible!

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