Don’t Let Your Emotions Cause You to Speak or Act in a Way that Further Complicates Things

Published by Trish Nonya on

Today’s message reminds you to be clear and concise in your communication with others. It’s easy to let your emotions guide you to speak or act in a manner that’s not at all helpful so take a few moments to collect yourself before you have that conversation.

This applies to anything that might be frustrating you right now. Step away and come back to it with a calm and refreshed mind. Do not allow your irritation to further complicate what you’re working on or cause you to lash out at others.

Some of you may be working on manifestations, especially with tonight’s full moon. The emotions that you want to feel are a big part of manifestation so try singing or playing music that makes you feel that way but remember you should be very clear on what you’re trying to create. Get as specific as you can, write it down, then you can get into the emotionality of things.


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