A Message from the Universe ~ Embrace the Unknown

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A Message from the Universe ~ Embrace the Unknown

For every little thing we know, there are countless things that we don’t. It’s in our nature to try to have all our ducks in a row and anticipate possible roadblocks before we step on a new path but there will always be a duck that falls behind or a barrier that we did not foresee. It’s ok because we humans are much better at solving problems than we are at avoiding them.

If you are trying to make a decision or step onto a new path, you may be allowing fear of the unknown to hold you in place. Maybe you do need more information before you can make your move but chances are you have all the information you’re going to get at this point. Ignore your overanalytical mind for a moment and check in with your gut.

Consider each option and see how it feels to you.

This may be a little more challenging to those of you who have anxiety or if you have an unhealthy attachment to someone you’re considering leaving. Our anxiety and emotions can easily be mistaken for or override our gut feelings so the advice is to do what you logically know must be done for your greater well-being.

It’s a good idea to check in with your gut here as well but only to get to know it a little better so you can make good use of it in the future. Your anxiety often tells you when things aren’t right but it also overreacts to things that are just fine so it will take some practice to learn what is gut-based and what is fear-based.

In any case, it is in our nature to fear what we don’t know or understand but it doesn’t have to remain that way. If you accept that some things are just not in your realm of understanding, you can then use what you do know a little better.

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