Embracing the Future – Daily Card for 7/31/20

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Even the most wonderful changes can evoke fear within us. We find ourselves full of self doubt and uncertainty, we imagine all the things that can go wrong. Of course the more difficult changes send us far deeper into that state of fear, compounded by things like depression and grief.

Some people “handle” change better than others, they may even seek it out but they’re not immune to the fear and discouraging voices in their mind. They just do it anyway. They might understand that the brain finds comfort in familiarity, no matter how harmful that familiarity might be.

Whatever change you’re facing, allow yourself to give voice to your fears, maybe write them down so you can see them fully instead of letting them assault you from the shadows. Then you can pick them apart and rebut them.

“What if I don’t know how to do this new thing?” Of course you won’t know how to do it because it’s new to you. You will learn just like you’ve learned everything else in your life, it will become the norm for you before you know it.

“But what if something bad happens?” Of course bad things will happen, whether you do the thing or not. Life is full of awful things but it’s also full of wonderful things, so ask yourself what are the good things that can come of this and use that question to set your focus. If you spend your time worrying about the bad then you are inviting it, kind of like a self-fulfilling prophesy. Use your mind and energy to focus on what is good and cultivating more of that in your life.

It takes courage to take those first steps so keep in mind that courage is not the absence of fear. It is the action that you take despite your fear. So get moving, you got this!


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