Energy Check – You Need a Break!

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Today I ask you to think about how you use your energy. We’ve been brought up to expect that we should be productive every minute of our waking lives. Idleness is equated with evil and working ourselves to the bone is thought of as paying our dues so we may hopefully rest someday.

Someday does not exist anywhere but our imagination. Of course we want to do what we can to make things nice for our future selves but we must make a concious effort to nurture our current selves as much as we possibly can. The more you overdo it today, the less likely you are to even have a tomorrow, let alone one that is somehow better.

I speak from experience when I say that if you don’t stop overdoing it, your body or mind will force you to stop far sooner than you think. Listen to your body when it says it needs a break. Sometimes just laying down with your eyes closed for 10 minutes can be just the refresher you needed. Sometimes you have to take an actual day off even though you know your boss is probably not going to like it. How easy or difficult any situation might be depends directly on your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Now let’s talk about how you rest! It’s not all about trying to sleep or letting Netflix get you out of your head. It’s dumping your racing thoughts and emotions onto paper or into a project of sorts so they don’t continue to spin like a hamster in a wheel. It’s cultivating daily practices that soothe or nurture you like acknowledging what you have in your life that makes you really feel grateful. It’s learning how to make friends with your brain and steering your self talk with compassion instead of criticism. Create peace in your life one thought at a time.


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