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Peace is not the absence difficulty, it lies in our ability to accept ourselves and our world for what they truly are. This doesn’t mean we give up on creating change either, we just create from a space of better understanding.

My living situation has been vital to my healing but it’s quite difficult on many levels. This is also a particularly difficult time of year for my mental health so I’m certainly feeling the strain. The thing is, how these challenges affect me has been changing.

I still get irritated as all hell when my sleep is disturbed throughout the night, sometimes feeling downright murderous, but I live with a lot of people and I understand that I have no control over them. I remind myself that this is temporary, then get to work at calming myself down. The time it takes me to calm down has been decreasing and I’m starting to sleep through more and more. This particular chaos has done wonders in forcing me to hone my peaceful place.

I mentioned that this is a time of year that’s particularly hard on my mental health. I’m in a depressive state at the moment but I’ve now got a different relationship with my brain. I understand that mental health is cyclic, I will get depressed for a little while then I’ll come back to myself as I always do.

I look at it as a time to rest as much as I can. There are some responsibilities that need taking care of but everything else goes on the back burner. I no longer allow my brain to tell me what a piece of shit I am because I’m not doing the things. Whenever it starts I remind it that it just needs time out for a bit and give myself permission to do absolutely nothing. The more you fight it, the worse it feels and the longer it lasts.

Peace is about learning to go with the flow and it takes practice. Every time you count to ten, every time you counteract a shitty thought about yourself or someone else, every time you reach for a tool that helps you cope in a healthy way, you are creating and strengthening pathways in your brain that turn peace into a habit and a skill. Keep riding that wave!


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