Finding Unity in a Chaotic World

Published by Trish Nonya on

Pardon the state of this poor faery, the whole deck once faced the jaws of a friendly but overzealous furry friend. They’ve been through it but they remain my most trusted and valuable companions.

There’s a certain poetry to the way the Unity card has remained whole and speaks so loudly despite the damage. I feel it really reflects the state of our world. Yes, there are awful things happening in our world, always will be, but the love and solidarity we extend to our fellow humans is far more powerful.

A child who is unloved will become an adult who wounds others. A unified people can conquer their oppressors. A common need births new ways of living. We have been so incredibly divided and our healing lies in unity. Find the common ground on which we all stand.

This does not mean inviting people back into your life that don’t belong there or finding reasons to excuse bad behavior. If you understand their actions as a result of lacking the things we all need, you might be better able to truly wish them better. You can then focus your thoughts and actions around people and events that align with who you are.

Life is too short to hold hate in your heart. Keep moving with the light and connect with those who are doing the same.


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