Five of Wands – Daily Card for 7/13/20

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There may be petty conflicts in the work or home front today. Do what you can to stay above the drama and not let it determine the mood of your entire day. In addition to the traditional meanings of this card, I’ve always seen it as the inner battle between our heart and mind.

It generally seems our heart tells us what we want and our brain tells us its a bad idea. Our brain wants to keep us safe but it can be like an over protective parent in that it keeps you from so much more than danger if you don’t give it some boundaries.

Sometimes when you feel you you want something with your heart, it’s really your ego (brain) that wants it. You may have convinced yourself that happiness is on the other side of being with a certain person or getting a particular job. What you really want is love or financial stability and that particular person or job may only be a representative of what you want in your life.

Some of you are in a relationship (or situationship) that causes this battle of the heart and mind. They make you feel good on some levels but you’re always wishing and hoping they will someday get better at caring for you the way you need to be cared for. Love is not the be-all-end-all when it comes to our relationships. We can truly love someone while understanding that they are not good for us. We must, in the end, choose our well-being over a potential that may be entirely fictional.

Finding a good balance between heart and mind, as well as shedding the ego that warps both is difficult to say the least. There are infinite situations in which this battle takes place but all of them may be dealt with by examining your own motivations, especially pinpointing where fear plays into it. As with anything, it gets better and easier with practice.


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