Flexible – Daily Card for 8/4/20

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The ability to be flexible is the ultimate tool to aid you through just about anything. It’s especially helpful when trying to let go of the things you cannot control but it really just makes everything in life a little easier.

We all know life has a talent for throwing curveballs into our plans and our ability to be flexible allows us to accept and react to those curveballs without getting unnecessarily upset about them.

Most of us are planners to some extent, so when things don’t go as planned we can either allow it to ruin our entire day or we can shift our plans to include or work around the disturbance. The thing is, the more you plan the more you can expect things to not go as planned. That doesn’t mean you stop planning, it just means you might make your plans a bit looser, leave a little cushion for the unexpected.

This is a key talent in the workplace, especially if you want to climb the ladder. If you’re visibly upset and flustered about new responsibilities or a change to your routine then you will be more likely to remain in your current position. If you’re going to lead others properly, you will need to be able to think on your feet so you can make good decisions in undesirable circumstances. We’ve all had that reactive boss (or someone in our personal lives) that blows up when shit hits the fan instead of calmly discussing the issue and coming up with sustainable solutions. Don’t be that guy.

Vacations, weddings, careers, life paths, any of those things you put all your effort into planning, they will not go entirely as planned and often do not go at all as you anticipated. In this moment where your plans have been tossed out the window is the moment to ask yourself what can I do with this?

Maybe someone cancelled plans and you now have the opportunity to lay around in your underwear binging on Netflix and potato chips. Maybe you didn’t get the job you wanted but something you thought was “lesser” will turn out to be a great environment that doesn’t steal all your energy so your personal life might actually exist again. Maybe that “failed” marriage or career path with lead you to something entirely more fulfilling. Maybe the denial of the house or apartment you needed leads you to a home you actually want.

If course it will sting or make you worry, the bigger cases bring grief for what you have lost, but in the absence of whatever it is lies an entire world of possibility. Go forth with hope and curiosity, learn something new, do something fun. It’s never too late to change course, in fact, there are things you can do now that you wouldn’t have been able to work with before the curveball was thrown.


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