Flying Free

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Cages come in many shapes and sizes. They might come in the form of a controlling relationship or a job where you are mistreated. They look like people and circumstances outside of us but they are most often built within our minds. We fear the unknown that faces us if we leave.

You are more adaptable than you think you are. You’ve learned to tiptoe around other people’s anger and give up vital parts of yourself and your life to fit your circumstances. It doesn’t have to be that way. You might not be able to leave right this moment but it is a good time to begin setting yourself up for freedom.

If you’re thinking of breaking free from a person, start by building a support system. It might be just one person at the moment and it may come in the form of a stranger on the internet or a professional if you don’t have people in your life who you can trust to understand and support you. Even if you decide to stay, you need to have someone to talk to. Just having that one person helps to counteract some of the manipulation used to keep you where you are and helps you to see that a better life really is possible.

If you want to leave a particularity soul-crushing job, you might not feel like you have the stamina to be hunting for another because the hunting is like a full time job. Do it anyway. Schedule time each day to work on your resume and check out the job boards. You might consider using this time to work on your side hustle or experiment with ideas that could become your side hustle. Most side hustles have the potential of becoming your main source of income but at the very least, they might help to sustain you a little better if you decide to take a job that pays less than your current place of employment.

Whatever circumstance you think of when reading this, the main objective is to understand that your mental well-being is more important than anything. There is no amount of love or money that is worth your peace of mind. Stepping into your freedom may be scary and quite difficult at first but so is anything new. Not only will you adapt, you will feel the absence of that weight and begin to make more choices that encourage happiness and peace in your life.


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