Full Moon Tarotscope, December 2021

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Full moons are a time of release and this is the last full moon of the year. This full “Cold” moon in Gemini, we’ll be focusing on what projects or circumstances need to be completed to make room for the new.

This forecast covers the time period of December 18th, 2021 through January 16th, 2022. This is a general reading so take what resonates and leave the rest. If you’d like a personal reading, you will find my links below 🙂


You have an on and off relationship with a person or pattern that is not good for you. There may be times when you feel like it’s a good thing but those times are few and far between. Do not hold on to someone or something because you feel there is potential. You have to see it for what it is, not what you hope it will be. You may have to create the closure you hoped someone else would give you.


It seems the universe has been guiding you in a particular direction, most likely regarding your life path or career. You may be noticing that many things seem to just fall into place as you move through this energy. You are in the flow! Your focus at this time should be to examine the foundations while they’re still flexible. Make sure you’re on solid ground with the basic stuff so they don’t become a problem for you down the line when they’ll be harder to fix.


You might be feeling a little stagnant at this time, caught in a sort of limbo between the shadow of the past and the bright future you can almost touch. This is pretty standard for even small transitions but you’re holding onto or reaching for something that is not meant for you and it’s holding you back. This may be something as small as doing a few things in a different way, or as big as learning that you’re striving for something you don’t actually want because it’s what you think you should do.


You might feel like the same shitty people or circumstances keep coming at you even though you were pretty sure you did the work. Don’t worry, you’re not regressing, and you have learned that particular lesson. Some things will come around periodically because that is their nature, others are just giving you the opportunity to react differently or apply what you’ve learned. Use this time to journal or do some kind of ritual for release to solidify this as something that you will not be bringing with you in the future.


You’ve been observing or studying something to make sure you know all the things before you make your moves. It’s time to wrap it up. Much of what you’ll need to know for this journey will only come through experience. You’ll have to make some mistakes to find out what works best for you. It is time now to pull up your chin, throw out your arms, and meet the new with confidence and gratitude.


You’ve been working hard at creating peace in your life and you’ve made some serious progress too! Now is a good time to revisit the boundaries you’ve put into place regarding others as well as yourself. Determine where you might need to tighten or loosen those boundaries and be sure to communicate them to relevant parties in a blunt but well thought out manner.


You’ve been in your head a lot. You might be creating something that hasn’t been quite ready to manifest in the 3D, or you might just have a bazillion things cluttering up your brain. Either way, it’s time to get them out. If you’re creating something, it’s time to get started, you’ll know what to do with it a little better once you see it in the physical world. If you’re brain is in overdrive then it’s time to pull out a pen and paper so you can write down all your thoughts and fragments of thoughts. Doing this will help your brain to process them in a much better way. You are also being reminded to make a habit of deep breathing and meditating by focusing on your breath.


Your advice concerns the mending of a relationship. Some of you have been trying to mend a connection without positive response from the other person. It’s time to let it be, if they decide to try again then it will happen when they’re ready. If you don’t fall into the “already trying” category then this is the time to reach out. You may want to make amends or you might need to speak your truth so you can turn the page to your next chapter without it weighing you down.


It’s time to examine why you give to others but aren’t very good at receiving. Any relationship, including coworkers, is healthiest when there’s somewhat of an even exchange of energy. Are you giving too much to someone who doesn’t appreciate it or barely gives you the time of day? Maybe you’re in need of a helping hand but feel too ashamed to ask. However this energy imbalance presents itself, the advice is to bring it back into balance or possibly cut it off.


You’ve busted out of some pretty unhealthy patterns and behaviors, well done! Now is the time to take a look at these patterns from where you are now. Mark and celebrate the progress you’ve made while making sure to tie up any loose ends. There are also some phone calls or emails, possibly unrelated, that you need to check off your list sooner than later. Pay attention to incoming calls or emails as well, it looks like some good news is coming your way!


You have probably felt like you were in limbo for some time now but you’re not going to have to be patient for much longer. Prepare yourself to receive! Put the finishing touches on your projects, dress for success, say your affirmations, and believe. Let the world see your shine!


Breathe, good change is in the wind. You’ve been working on your abandonment issues or healing old traumas. Look back and see how far you’ve come and give yourself some (a shit-ton) of credit for making such progress. This moon is for you to recognize your accomplishments and give that inner child a big ol’ hug. Do something to celebrate who you’ve become.


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