Full Moon Tarotscope, November 2021

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This forecast covers the time period of November 19th through December 17th, 2021. This is a general reading so take what resonates and leave the rest. If you’d like a personal reading, you will find my links below 🙂


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: You’ve fought hard to train your brain to work with you instead of against you and you’re finally starting to see results. You may benefit now by removing the people and situations in your life that make you doubt yourself or pull you into old patterns.
  • Money and Career: “What is meant for me flows effortlessly,” this is your mantra. You are particularly magnetic at this time, attracting abundance and opportunity. This may come in the form of people who may consider you for future roles in their endeavors.
  • Love: Whether you’re looking to attract new love or strengthen your current relationship, you have the ability to call it in or level up so long as you don’t let your mind latch on to what you don’t want or have. Review what it is that you do have and send as much gratitude as possible out to the cosmos. Your ability to feel truly grateful will help your blessing to grow.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: You might feel like everything is happening at once. It’s all to the good but it can be overwhelming so you might have a bit of a hard time navigating while the old falls away to make space for the new.
  • Money and Career: You may be using work to escape other things that need attending to or you may be so caught up in work that you don’t see other parts of your life are in need of attention. Time to get that work/life balance in check.
  • Love: This may be a large part of the fast-moving newness you’re trying to navigate. Pay close attention to the energy exchange here to make sure you’re not putting significantly more or less energy into your relationships than than the other person. This is a very abundant energy for new or current relationships, don’t miss it because you’re buried in work.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: Beware of burnout. You’ve got a lot going on and you’re holding it down nicely but you need to make a little time to put your serious thoughts and tasks on hold so you can goof off. That’s it, just prioritize some playtime so you can come back to the serious stuff feeling refreshed. This playtime may even help you to see new ways to approach the serious stuff.
  • Money and Career: So you put in the work, you know you’re building stability, but it’s taking forever! Well, of course, creating sustainable anything takes time so you’re going to have to have a little patience, but you can help move things along by cutting out some of the clutter in your daily activities. This is also a good time to examine your budget.
  • Love: It looks as though you may be healing from heartbreak, whether it’s a breakup, difficulties in a relationship, or finally starting to feel ready after being single for some time. This is where prioritizing your playtime will be most helpful. Leave the weight of it behind for awhile and have some lighthearted fun. Be careful of risky behavior.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: This is the ideal time to put that huge heart of yours to work. Helping others, especially strangers, will help to fill your heart like nothing else. Give without expectation of even a thank you and the universe will respond in the best ways possible.
  • Money and Career: You’re financial well-being is linked directly to your state of mind. If your focus is on what you don’t want, if you believe that good things are not for you, if you believe you have to do it all without any help from others, then you close yourself to the abundance all around you. In additions to the advice offered above, gratitude for what you have and what is coming to you will be most helpful in helping you change that state of mind.
  • Love: Abundance in love is much like abundance in money. It looks like you may finally be overcoming some destructive thoughts and habits in this area. You’ve been beating the same drum for years, even decades, but you’ve done the work and will be dealing with future relationships in a whole new way. At this time, you may find that solitude is actually becoming something you enjoy. You’re learning to fill your own cup and will now be attracting better quality relationships.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: Your emotional cup overfloweth! It’s a lovely feeling, just keep one foot on the ground so the “practical” things n your life don’t suffer.
  • Money and Career: You may be trying to figure out what to do with new information or a newish feeling regarding your career. If you’re thinking about making moves somewhere else, this is the opportune time to do so, especially if you’re considering a partnership or applying at the suggestion of a friend or acquaintance. HUGE green light, make it happen!
  • Love: If you’re looking for it, or if you’ve got it, this cycle has wonderful things in store for you. There is an element of fate or destiny here so there will be some difficulties as you work through, discard, and replace old patterns. You’re on equal footing with your partner so the two of you will be learning to create new and better patterns together.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: You’re learning that strength isn’t always about muscle or powering through. Sometimes it’s about being still in order to evaluate a situation or adapt to circumstances.
  • Money and Career: Working with or teaching others will be beneficial to you at this time. Even those who we are teaching will have a fresh outlook on old systems and procedures.
  • Love: Single or attached, the people in your life or those who will be entering your life in the near future are coming through with a grounding and stable vibe. You are or will be sharing resources and building something stable.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: You may be trying to recreate past feelings and situations, this is pretty normal around the holidays but also the best way to feel even farther away from that feeling. Don’t push to recreate the past, create new traditions that resonate with who you are now.
  • Money and Career: Recent misfortunes in this area may have left you wonder why what worked for you in the past is not working for you now. This new path that you’re on requires you to think and act in a different way, especially where structure is concerned. Time to take inventory. Assess where you are now, what you have, where you would like to go from here, and what you think you will need to get there.
  • Love: When it comes to other people in any aspect of your life, you are advised to step back to observe. You’re surrounded by people but most of them are not your people. you might have only one or a handful of people who are truly there for you. Pay special attention to them at this time.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: Something you wanted did not come through. Don’t be too disappointed, this made you think and feel new things which bring you closer to even better things that were meant for you.
  • Money and Career: The mindset that was brought about by the above mentioned disappointment is what was needed to open you to a very fulfilling and prosperous career. It won’t happen tomorrow, but you are learning things now that will help prepare you.
  • Love: You are particularly magnetic right now. This will open doors in all areas of your life as long as you don’t neglect it. If you want a lovely garden then you have to put in the work, not just let the other person carry the relationship. If you’re single, be careful that you don’t keep putting off a meeting with someone, they’re not going to wait forever.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: This may be a particularly anxious and overwhelming time for you. Slow it down and look at the big picture. Much of the weight you carry does not even belong to you. Recognize your brain for the liar and dramatic instigator that it is so you can unbury the facts. Forget what you think you should do and start working with
  • Money and Career: Make sure you’re not using your job or finances to escape real life. I think you’ve made a lot of progress in this area so keep up that momentum!
  • Love: You have levelled up in this area but may be tempted to fall back into unhealthy patterns, especially when it comes to putting up those walls to protect yourself from pain. You might need a reminder that those walls also don’t let the good stuff in.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: You’ve been through so much that you may be ignoring your intuition because it doesn’t fit with the fight or flight narrative that has dictated your life for so long. Your gut is telling you good things, you should listen to it!
  • Money and Career: While good news is on it’s way regarding your finances, it may still be moving at a sluggish pace. It’s important for you to understand that you are very good at creating what you want and need out of limited resources.
  • Love: This full moon’s energy brings in a new person or new opportunities to level up with your current relationships. Again, there is a sluggishness to this energy so it may be little steps or circumstances that place you on the path to the new.


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: You’ve been building the mindset needed to thrive in all areas of your life and you should start to see small signs that confirm this for you.
  • Money and Career: The steps you’ve taken in this area are creating something sustainable and stable. Prioritize finding all the little bits of progress you’ve made and you will find they’re much bigger than you thought they were.
  • Love: There is a possibility for new love here but the energy here speaks of truly appreciating what you have. You’ve come so far and your heart feels it!


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit: You’re in a great mental space right now and the universe is responding. Other people see how shiny you are so let it give your ego a little boost!
  • Money and Career: You’ve released a lot of the unhealthy attachments you had with money and career so if your bank account isn’t already showing evidence then it will soon. Your whole financial situation will benefit now from helping others without expecting a return, tis the season!
  • Love: Single or attached, there is nothing but good happening in your love life. Your relationships will challenge all the things you thought you were and all the things you thought love should be, so don’t think you’re going backwards, you’re resolving the past and learning to deal with every-day situations in a new way.

Song of the Day may be offensive to some, so listen with discretion.

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