Full Wolf Moon Spiced Up with a Lunar Eclipse 2020

Published by Trish Nonya on

As I lay in bed this morning, I wondered why the hell I was still wide awake at 6am. Oh yeah, full moon tomorrow and boy am I feeling it! So of course I had to start researching to tell y’all some stuff about it.

I found out there will also be a penumbral lunar eclipse which just means that it’s not a total eclipse, the alignment is just a little off. Depending on your location, it may happen below the horizon so you may not be able to see it, particularly in eastern North America.

This moon will be quite emotional so you would do well to howl for the release of whatever you’ve been stuffing down, just be careful to release in a healthy way.

There is also an element of. “rich get richer, strong get stronger”, etc. So make sure you focus your efforts on utilizing your strengths rather than improving your weaknesses. Tend to your roots, honor the nurturers in your life, plant seeds where you have the most fertile soil.

This event draws us closer to the end of a 2 year eclipse cycle so it’s a great time to assess what has occurred since the solar eclipse back in July of 2018 in order to figure out what seeds will thrive in your care throughout the next year or two.


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