Here and Now – Daily Card for 7/5/20

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The past is gone and the future is beyond your grasp. It is the present moment alone that holds your opportunity for happiness and peace. Longing for what is gone or thinking you’ll finally be happy when you get what you want is a thief of the joy and satisfaction available to you in the present.

Don’t get me wrong, the past may show us what we want and don’t want in our future but it’s just not healthy to dwell there. Dreaming of a bright future and setting goals to make that future a reality is important but it is in the now that you do the work to define and meet those goals. It’s also important to feel and act as if that future you dream of is already yours. The future you dwells within the person you are right now.

Take a moment to close your eyes and listen to your breathing. Feel your breath and all the parts of your body. Are you touching something with your hands? Do you feel the cool grass beneath your bare feet? If not, maybe you should go outside and take in whatever nature is available to you to help you ground yourself in this moment. Find at least 3 things in the now that you are thankful for and really feel the gratitude for them.

Once you’ve found the present moment again, you might like to set yourself to completing a task that you’ve been putting off for endless tomorrows. Put some music on to inject a little fun into mundane chores, go for a walk, create art, do some journaling. This moment and every moment thereafter holds an opportunity for you to smile if that is what you want. It’s ultimately your choice what you seek in each moment so seek that which brings you joy and satisfaction.


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