Hestia – Daily Card for 7/24/20

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What happens when your home doesn’t feel like home? Maybe it feels empty, or maybe you live with others that disturb your well-being, powering through until you can regain your footing. Whatever the case, the place you lay your head at night might feel far from the sanctuary it should be.

Note that this card does not show a house or other people. Houses are only structures and people will come and go. You are your home wherever you may lay your head. It just so happens that where you lay your head right now is not terribly pleasant.

Your frustration with your surroundings can be quite beneficial. Obviously we do what we can to adapt to our circumstances but let your frustration be your motivation. Accept that this is your current reality so you can make the best of it and use it to fuel the creation of your next chapter.

Every day you are reminded of your difficulties so make it a point to find what is good about your current circumstances. This is not to sugarcoat your predicament but to raise your vibration so to speak. If you spend your day hating and complaining in your head then you are robbing yourself of what little peace is to be had here.


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