I See Your Growth and it’s Amazing!

Published by Trish Nonya on

You are discovering your own personal power and it’s beautiful! You are learning to protect your peace of mind and well being so the minor challenges of life no longer present the difficulties they used to.

As you continue to express your true self and stick by the boundaries you set for how you allow others to treat you, you will notice that those who do not have your best interest in heart will fall away. It can get lonely, I know!

You’ve been surrounded by the same people and same kind of people your entire life. As you become disconnected from them there is a sense of loss, even for those who may have been cruel to you. Nobody around you understood you then and they sure don’t understand you now.

You might feel as if nobody will ever get you but you are wrong. If you step back from the emotional aspect of it all, you will understand that there are others like you all over the world. Where you may have made friends rather quickly in your previous life, you will now notice it takes a lot more time because you seek quality relationships. Know that your soul tribe will trickle in as you grow.

Keep growing, my friends, it looks amazing on you!


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