Keep Shining that Beautiful Light of Yours into the World! – Giving Birth

Published by Trish Nonya on

This could, for some, actually talk about bringing new human life into the world. For others it may refer to your creative or business projects but this is a message for everyone. We are changing the way we connect with and influence the world around us.

You are discovering more about yourself and shedding old beliefs. In your previous life, you may have understood that you were supposed to fit the mold, be quiet and put away your wants to throw everything you have into sustaining yourself in a world that values money over everything else.

Of course we still have to make money in whatever ways are available to us but you’re learning that there really are more important things. You may have been rediscovering old talents and trying your hand at new ones. You’re learning to speak up for yourself as well as others, and you’re learning how to create your own path in life.

Every time you do something great for yourself or someone else, create a new piece of art, or even have a good conversation, you inspire others to do the same. You are raising your vibration and contributing a beautiful energy to the collective. Keep it up!


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