Living the Dream – My first attempt at vandwelling, my failure, and a new hope

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Almost 4 years ago I got rid of just about everything I owned, bought a 1983 Chevy van, made it livable, and headed to Florida to create a new life. I was struggling anyway so I figured it was better to struggle where it was warm ???

I started cleaning at a strip club and took a series of other jobs throughout the next 3 years, each a little better than the last in at least some way. I went from parking in a friend’s driveway to renting rooms to renting (at last) a small apartment where there was room for my kids and visitors.

But I was exhausted. The motor went on my van within a couple of months, I bought car a few long months after and that lasted for just under a year. My previously inconvenient health problems had become debilitating and now I had no vehicle.

I lived on the outskirts of town and worked in another city so between walking and busses I was commuting about 5 hours a day. I began selling my plasma which only made me sicker and eventually could barely walk to the bus stop anymore. Most of my plasma cash went to Lyft.

I was no longer the employee everyone wanted. Flare-ups had me out for days at a time. I lost my job and I lost my apartment so I came home with my tail between my legs, heartbroken.

I job searched for months before I lost my apartment and months after I returned to the north with no bites. Then I had the doctors appointment that changed my life and prepared for surgery. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel that I had people who took me in and allowed me to take care of myself without the pressure one feels when they feel like a burden.

So I put the job search away for a bit to focus on my health. I had a wonderful support system but I still desperately needed some kind of income, this is where Half-Cracked Guru was born.

I thought of the name years ago but never put it to use, too exhausted just living to be able to pour energy and creativity into something like that. My health issues forced me to plant some pretty exotic seeds and now that I’m better I can see them sprouting!

Y’all, I’m not going back. My goal is to have another van by the end of 2020 so I can take this show on the road. This was a dream I threw away with my first failure and it is a dream which I have picked back up with newfound hope and belief.

You are meeting me now, as I start from scratch and I hope that you will continue to join me for the journey ahead!

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