Message from the Universe ~ Cutting Out Toxic Relationships

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Today’s Message from the Universe is reinforcing yesterday’s message regarding the feeling of no longer fitting in with the people you’ve known your entire life.

A Message from the Universe ~ Cutting Out Toxic Relationships, Multiple Rider Pocket Tarot Cards
Orphaned, Wisdom of the Oracle Card

You can love someone and wish beautiful things for them even as you allow them to fall away from your life. You can have family that you must leave behind because they are toxic to you and/or bring out the worst in you. We are trained early in life to feel obligated to the people in our life so it can be pretty difficult to go against this training.

Start with small people or situations you need to trim out because it gets easier every time. If you want to be happy and healthy then the people in your life should be on the same page. Even if you’re grieving the loss before you cut them off, you will feel better once it’s done, and sooo much better when you notice how much lighter things are when you get a bit further down that road.

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