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A Message from the Universe ~ Intuition, Intention, and Foiled Plans, Multiple Celtic Wisdom Oracle Cards
A Message from the Universe ~ Intuition, Intention, and Foiled Plans, Multiple Celtic Wisdom Oracle Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe advises you to let your intuition guide your intentions.

Life is a dance and our path is paved with many different steps. There are times when you must allow the universe to lead and other times when you must plan and grind to get to the next part of the journey. It just so happens that, most often, you need to strike a balance with both at the same time.

When considering a decision or planning your next move, check in with your gut to feel it out first. Of course, there will be some anxiety when attempting anything new but your gut, or intuition, has a deeper feel to it. Once you’ve run your thoughts through your gut, you can then set your intentions for moving forward.

I know that setting intentions is something of a buzzword right now and it’s not really understood by many. Setting your intentions is simply saying, writing, or even just deciding to do the thing, but doing so in a mindful manner instead of letting it be an incomplete thought rolling around in your brain. Make your decision, commit to it and plan it while staying open and flexible to variations and detours that happen along the way. You may not even end up where you thought you would but, instead, find yourself in a place you couldn’t even imagine.

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