Message From the Universe ~ Mind, Matter, and Manifestation

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Message From the Universe ~ Mind, Matter, and Manifestation, Celestial Tarot Cards
Message From the Universe ~ Mind, Matter, and Manifestation, Celestial Tarot Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe is advising you to shift your perspective.

No, life is not always a bowl of cherries but sometimes we make it more difficult than it has to be. This is a trying time for many of us but this is exactly why we must remind ourselves to focus on our blessings and the things that we actually have some control over. Think about how far you’ve come, how much better you are in mind and heart from where you used to be. Hold your dreams and aspirations just high enough to look up while reminding you that they really are within reach.

There is a real element of practicality at play when we think about manifestation

It’s not just some mysterious force that produces results from your wishes. It is quite simply bringing the thoughts in your mind to reality and we do it every day. Your thoughts affect your attitude and flexibility. They determine how you carry yourself and interact with others. Your manifestation often lies in the hands and heads of others so it’s your job to be open and fluid. You may do all the hard work of job seeking and interviewing but ultimately it is someone else who decides to hire you, use your services, or recommend you to another who might be a great match.

When you move through your daily routines with confidence, you are more likely to make the first move, ask for assistance, or offer a helping hand to another. If you spill your coffee and think this is going to be a rough day then you are just about guaranteeing the kind of day you’re trying to avoid. Try to catch those negative thoughts and replace them with better thoughts. Of course, it’s always easier said than done but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Take a deep breath and step towards better

Leave the thoughts of what you don’t want behind because they’re of the same vibe as thinking you’re going to have a bad day. Tell the universe what you want, visualize it, fill it with the emotions you will feel when it manifests, and move towards it every chance you get. You got this!!

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