Message from the Universe ~ Wisdom and Setting an Example

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Today’s Message from the Universe advises you to examine the role that wisdom plays in your life.

There are 2 distinct messages here. Some of you are overcomplicating a situation or task and might benefit from taking a break. This way, you can come back to it refreshed with the intention to simplify.

Others are having trouble coming to terms with their age and what they think is declining beauty. If this is you, then it might be time to focus on healing that part of you so you can be an example to those around you. Your wisdom, compassion, and energy are far more beautiful than your face or body ever was. Try to accept that image in the mirror without judgment and focus your thoughts and energy on the things you find beautiful about yourself.

I know it’s so much easier said than done, so make a list of at least 3 things you love about yourself and focus on them every day. This could come in the form of affirmations, practicing gratitude, and/or engaging in activities that require and sharpen something on that list. Try to catch yourself in the act of thinking awful things about yourself and respond to it with something from that list.

We, women especially, have been taught to hate our bodies, I mean, it’s hella profitable for those at the top of the financial food chain. Little eyes are watching so show them how to be loving and kind to themselves. Let’s break this cycle!

Today’s Crystals:

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Today’s Deck:

Song of the Day may be offensive to some, so listen with discretion.

I am not a doctor. Advice from the “Message from the Universe” and other posts is meant to help with spiritual and self-development in conjunction with medical treatment, not to replace it. If you are depressed or in a bad situation, please seek help from the medical and/or charitable places that are local to you.

I am also not the artist or author who created the decks used for the “Message from the Universe” posts. However, the pictures of the cards, the interpretation, and written words in blog posts are created by me. You can find links to the decks by visiting my Resources page.

The Faeries' Oracle

The Faeries’ Oracle

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