New Moon Tarotscope, December 2021

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New moons are the best time for setting your intentions for what you’d like to bring into your life. This New Moon in Sagittarius is accompanied by a solar eclipse so, as a collective whole, we should be seeing or initiating closure with people or situations that have been a drain on us.

This is a general reading so take what resonates and leave the rest. If you’d like a personal reading, you will find my links below 🙂


This is the time for you to examine your relationship with organization and structure. Are you so rigid with your routines that you leave no room for the unexpected? Maybe you are at the other and of the spectrum and in need of a little more order. There is an aspect of your shadow self that may be the key to understanding and developing a balanced relationship to your routines.


Your home is supposed to be a safe and comfortable place but at least recently you might have been feeling otherwise. Use the energy of this new moon to set intentions that will help you to make your environment more of a haven for you. Whether your home is permanent or temporary makes no difference here because you are your home.


You might have been feeling lost in chaos and conflict, even (and especially) where your thoughts are concerned. It is from the chaos that new ideas and life paths are created. You should be seeing a little relief in this area as the old falls away and the new rises. The conflicting thoughts in your brain are jockeying for position so feed the possibility instead of the past.


You often spend the majority of your love and energy on the people in your life. Now is the time to nurture your self the same way you nurture others. Set your intentions on this new moon to make you a priority. Get you some alone time and pamper yourself.


Abundance is in the cards for you but first you have to realease the thought that you have to sacrifice your well-being in order to make money. It’s important to understand that the “grind” is only going keep that abundance in your sight but out of reach. When you’re happy and healthy, you attract healthy and happy, treat yourself and do it often.


Set your intentions to replace your skepticism and practicality with belief and hope. Yes, it’s natural and healthy to question most things but if you do not allow yourself to dream at least a little beyond what you think is practical, then you miss out on a world of possibilities that lay beyond the box you’ve placed yourself in.


There is a person or situation in your life that has been on again/off again for Some time now. It’s time to create your own closure for this situation as that person or circumstance benefits from your availability. Choose you. Choose your mental, physical, and spiritual health over situations that keep you hanging because of their potential.


A recent loss or relationship difficulties may have used up much of your energy. Things outside of that relationship have probably suffered so its time to do a little cleanup. Focus now on removing the mental and physical clutter to help close this particular chapter and make room for healing and creating.


You’ve put a lot of thought into what you’d like to bring into your life, now is the time to make those thoughts a reality. You may be waiting for the right steps to make themselves known but this is going to grow only by trial and error. We find what works for us only by trying things that may or may not work.


Y’all, I pulled 2 different cards from 2 different decks and they’re both telling you to breathe. When you’re in the midst of chaos or difficulty, things will slow down and lighten up if you are able to come back to your breath and observe what’s happening. Create a new habit of focused breathing on a daily basis, you’ll be surprised at the peace that sustained practice will bring to all levels of your life.


You might find yourself feeling a little more lack than usual. This is a temporary feeling but may be difficult none the less. Whatever it is you’re longing for, it will resolve itself if you keep focus on what and who you have in your life heart make you feel grateful. Gratitude is magnetic.


You are currently putting an awful lot of thought and energy into the past or future and it’s not helpful. There are people and circumstances in your life that need you to be present and attend to the present. “One step at a time” is your mantra right now.

Song of the Day may be offensive to some, so listen with discretion.

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