Not Everything Happens for a Reason – Daily Message for the Collective

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I’m not going to tell you that everything happens for the best or everything happens for a reason. Sometimes there really is a blessing in disguise but sometimes it’s just a shitty situation. The “why” of it may be important if the circumstances are brought about by your own habits and patterns but there is rarely an answer to that question when the circumstances are brought on by something out of your control.

Today’s message is about accepting things for what they are and giving up your need to try to control that which you have no control over. This frees you to heal from it and focus on the things which you are able to control. It allows you to make the best of what you’re left with instead of being stuck in the worst of it.

One of our biggest control issues happens to be other people. We fight so hard to keep someone who does not want to be kept, we hang our closure on apologies that will never come, we try to coerce or pressure our loved ones out of unsafe habits. You cannot change anybody, you can only figure out your own best course of action which has very little to do with them.

So what is your best course of action? Maybe it’s cutting people off or giving them less of your energy and brain space, maybe it’s stepping out into a new direction, maybe you use it to help others through what you’ve been through. Not everything happens for a reason but you can create meaning and reason for anything.


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