On Fear and Love

Published by Trish Nonya on

Fear and love are the two most powerful forces on this planet. It seems like fear is top dog around these parts but truly, it is love that conquers all.

Today’s message asks you to acknowledge your fear. Bring it into the light then heal it with love and compassion. Do not allow your fear to cause you to speak or act in a manner that escalates instead of diffusing. Do not allow the fear and ignorance of others to pull you down to their level. View them (as well as yourself) through the lens of compassion and wish them peace.

Be careful of the type of media you ingest as well as the amount of negative information you allow. Consume the necessary information, don’t let it consume you. Make sure you feed your light more than you feed your darkness.

Seek love and light in every corner and remember, when you shine, you light the way for others!


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