Our Darkest of Times Birth our Greatest Ideas – The Poet Reversed

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“Poets were trained in cells without windows.” It sounds pretty ominous right? I love it though because it highlights the conditions in which our inspiration thrives. It is our time in the darkness that gives us the opportunity to experiment with thoughts and ideas that just don’t occur to us when things are going well.

In a time where endless distractions are available to us at the touch of a button, we don’t really know how to sit in stillness for any length of time and have no desire to so. I’m guilty of this myself but I’m getting a little better at it.

The darkness of my circumstances forced me to come up with creative solutions to my problems. My brain has been like a geyser, spewing forth endless ideas, bits of prose, and journal entries. Most of the ideas are just ideas that may not gain any traction in my life but each of them has cleared the way for even more. Had it not been for my darkness, I would never have realized that the passion I put away for practicality’s sake might be applied in practical ways.

Do you give yourself the opportunity to spend time in silent contemplation or do you wait for it to attack you when it’s time sleep? Do you try to distract yourself from your problems or do you use them to fuel your way forward? How often do you make time to create just for the sake of creating? Shut off your phone, your tv, the whole world outside of you and see what comes out, you may just be surprised.


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