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Fear is our friend but it doesn’t usually feel that way. It informs us of the undesirable and painful possibilities our choices might bring so we can make a safe decision. It is one of the many voices within us and can be the loudest. The problem is that we give that voice too much credit, allowing it to run our lives rather than informing them.

Most anxiety disorders can be directly related to our fear.

This is because fear has physical symptoms that are due the release of the hormone cortisol which prepares our body for fight or flight and regulates many of our bodies functions like sleep and digestion. If we have a period in our life where we are overwhelmed by fear or stress for too long, it becomes quite difficult to get your adrenal glands to stop producing such high levels of the hormone. The valve gets stuck wide open and we can become addicted to it even as we despise it.

The Quick Fix

Science has given us what seems like miracle drugs that calm us down within minutes of consumption but they treat the symptom, not the problem. They also come with problems of their own. You can take the medication even less frequently than you doctor has prescribed and still become an addict because your brain and body will want more and more of that feeling. Anxiety attacks will become more frequent and more intense, demanding more of the calm that drug provided.

The Real Medicine

The real improvement of your anxiety comes from time and practice. I know, those are two words that nobody wants to hear. We want a quick fix but there is no quick fix. If you’d like to bring some balance into that particular area your going to have to sit with it and question it. Face a fear head on and that will be one less fear you have to face, one less thing to cage you.

Breathing and meditation are wonderful tools to help with this but ultimately you need to help your brain understand that your fear is not as important as it thinks it is. You have spent a large portion of your life trying to avoid all the things that make you fearful, you live in fear of your fear and have let it drown out all the other voices.

Next time you’re in the middle of a anxiety attack, ask yourself why you feel this way. Yes, sometimes there is no reason because it’s become a way of life for you but often you are triggered by things left undone or things to come. Whether or not there is a tangible or even logical reason for this feeling, it will help to try to acknowledge that this fear exists and why, but that it is not important.

Of course it’s probably not going to pull you out of your panic in that moment but the more you utilize this tool, the more your brain actually starts to think this way. Be consistent with this and you will be creating new pathways in your brain that will help to change your behavior. In fact, self talk is a tool that can help with far more than fear and anxiety. If you’d like to learn a few more tools to immediately help with an anxiety attack, I’ve compiled a few things here.


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