Working Girl’s Magic Oracle


Working Girl’s Magic Oracle Deck by Kelly J Parsons and Laurie Barraco

Working Girl’s Magic Oracle Deck is a 44-card business oracle deck designed to help the spiritually and energetically sensitive Working Girl on her journey! This oracle was created as a guide and reference to help you gauge where you are on your business path. Sometimes we are a little unsure which step to take next – the Working Girl’s Oracle can help point the way!

About Working Girl’s Magic

Working Girl’s Magic is designed to blend the business world and conscious spiritual living for the modern-day businesswoman; providing tools and products that will help bring a healthy balance between the business world and conscious living.

Kelly and Laurie bring to the table years of experience in bridging the gap between traditional business and spiritual consciousness. They are passionate about providing the tools and guidance needed to be both spiritually conscious and a success in the business world.

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