Queen of Wands (reversed) – Daily Card for 7/28/20

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Do not let anger or stubbornness get to you today, whether it’s your own or somebody else’s. Now don’t get me wrong, anger is not a “bad” emotion even though it gets labeled as such. It can inform and motivate us.

The problem arises when we allow our anger to dictate our reactions instead of looking at why we’re really angry and what we can do to resolve the issue. Maybe you’re just having a particularly irritable day and need to interact with others as little as possible. Maybe you’re in a slow boil because someone else’s actions have been getting to you and you hope the situation will resolve itself. You might even be overwhelmed by your circumstances and hating on yourself for getting into this mess in the first place.

Whatever the source of your anger, hurtful words or actions will only make things worse, even if you do feel somewhat better in the moment. Unless you’re just having a day, ignoring it isn’t going to help either. Why are you angry? What can you do to improve this particular circumstace? Chances are you’re going to have to have a discussion with someone, just don’t do it until you can do so in a calm and rational matter.

Some of you are just facing difficult circumstances. You’re doing the work to get out but it’s taking forever. The key here is to not be so damn hard on yourself. Your anger has informed and motivated you, so it’s time now to channel it into a creative project or release it through things like music or exercise.

Over all, the idea is to understand that anger has a purpose but it is your choice to feed it or release it.


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