Repeating Patterns and Habits – Daily Message for the Collective

Published by Trish Nonya on

You may be feeling like you’ve been here before, like you’re repeating a pattern or habit you could have sworn you had broken. Don’t worry, you’re not regressing, all the hard work you’ve done to break this pattern has not been for nothing. You have the knowledge and the opportunity to do things differently this time.

You may keep gravitating towards a particular person or kind of person that you know is not good for you, you may falling back into less than ideal work or living patterns, or interacting with others in a way you know is not healthy for you or them.

First off, don’t be so hard on yourself, this kind of healing doesn’t happen overnight. You may have left similar situations behind and learned a little something about yourself but when you were in that situation you were in a very emotional, stressful, or even addictive frame of mind. A lot of what you learned was in hindsight so this new situation gives you the ability to perceive and react from a more informed angle.

Instead of just knowing that this is bad for you, you now have the opportunity to observe yourself in real time. Instead of saying “I don’t want this” or “I shouldn’t be doing this”, ask yourself what it is about this type of situation or person that calls you. What feels good about it? What part of you aligns with this? What fears does it confirm? Is it just easier to face the familiar? Is instant gratification a culprit here? When you figure out what it is that draws you, you can then seek out other ways to address that part of yourself.


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