Rhiannon – Daily Card for 7/14/20

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I think we’re all familiar with self-doubt. It rears its ugly head when we decide to try something new and hits us hardest in our most difficult times, spilling into other areas of our lives where me might normally feel confident.

While it may be healthy to assess your strengths and weaknesses when contemplating something new, it’s not healthy to run rampant with your weakness and worries about what could go wrong. This is self-doubt and it’s a fear-based feeling.

Draw confidence from your strengths and find new ways to work with and around your weaknesses. Question yourself as to why you feel this doubt then ask yourself, “why not try?”. Every new invention or idea since the beginning of time was seen as impossible but someone decided to go for it anyway and each of them changed the course of mankind.

As with most of our fear-based emotions the best course of action is to determine what you’re afraid of and expose it for the lie that it is. Tell it to shut up when it knocks on your door and do the thing anyway. Chances are this new thing will be uncomfortable at first while you learn but you will learn. You’ve made it through your entire life by learning and adapting to new situations, this is no different.

So if you do the thing, ask yourself what’s the best that can happen then go for it! Chances are it will be better than you could have imagined.


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