Salmon – Daily Card for 7/18/20

Published by Trish Nonya on

Now normally I’m proponent of going with the flow as much as possible but there are some situations that require us to swim against the current.

It is the mature salmon which participate in the run, not only because they will be spawning but also because the immature fish is not strong enough to withstand the journey. Those of you swimming against the current will need to push through when you’re exhausted but you would also be wise to take advantage of any opportunities for rest or help that shows itself along the way.

If you are not yet fighting the current but preparing to do so, make sure you do everything you can to start your journey well-rested and seek out the path of least resistance.

Pulling out of the metaphor a bit, try not to feel like you have to accomplish everything at once. Start small, adding the new one piece at a time so you can acclimate to that part before adding more. Acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest of victories as this will help you see progress when the journey is long. Most of all, just keep swimming my friends, you’re stronger and more resilient than you give yourself credit for.


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