Soaring into Joy – Daily Card for 7/12/20

Published by Trish Nonya on

This year has been so heavy and current energies seem to be rising and falling at a relatively rapid rate. This is your reminder to raise your vibration and ease some of that tension with laughter, joy, and maybe even a little adventure.

As someone who’s battled with depression, I’m kind of an expert on how difficult this can be at times. I’m also well familiar with how cleansing it can be and how necessary it is to find joy and gratitude in as many moments as possible. I call it “chasing a smile”.

Sometimes you have to start small, watch a movie that you know will make you laugh, talk to a friend who knows how to make you smile, race your kid to the end of the block. Listening to music or tapping into your creative side is recommended at all times, and trying something new is the absolute best way to reach our inner child.

A few of you may need to be reminded that happiness is not a destination. You don’t one day finally become free of burdens so you can become happy, you do what you can to create happiness in as many moments as possible. The more gratitude and joy you see in everything, the more you will find.


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