Storms – A Message for the Collective

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We talk a lot about the calm before the storm or the rainbow after the rain. We dread the violence and upheaval that accompanies the storms of our lives and do all we can to avoid or move past them as quickly as possible.

But there is beauty, power, and even peace to be found if we sit still instead of running for cover. You can feel all the things and still peacefully observe what is happening. You might mourn the loss of someone you love and still feel intense gratitude because they played such a huge part in helping you to become who you are now. You might feel afraid for your stability if you lose your job but you might also see opportunities forming if you don’t give in to panic.

Use the wild energy of the storm to fuel your creative efforts and do a little spring cleaning in your heart. Allow yourself to see what is rather than what you think it should be. The “should” is the biggest thing that blinds you to opportunities for growth and healing. The storm gives you a clean foundation that allows you to create the life you want instead of trying to fit the one that was handed to you.

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