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A Message from the Universe ~ Accepting What Is

Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that the inability to accept what “is” will shape that which has yet to be. Don’t worry…Today’s Crystals…

The Mirror – A Message for Collective, Oracal of the Mermaids

The Princess - A Message for Collective, Celtic Wisdom Oracle

We are taught to fear the darkness. Things go bump in the night, monsters reside in the dark, and bad guys wear black. The Christian devil is…Today’s Crystals…

The Mirror – A Message for Collective, Oracal of the Mermaids Card

We talk a lot about the calm before the storm or the rainbow after the rain. We dread the violence and upheaval that accompanies the storms of our lives and do all we can to avoid or move past them… Continue Reading →

Peace is not the absence difficulty, it lies in our ability to accept ourselves and our world for what they truly are. This doesn’t mean we give up on creating change either, we just create from a space of better… Continue Reading →

I’m not going to tell you that everything happens for the best or everything happens for a reason. Sometimes there really is a blessing in disguise but sometimes it’s just a shitty situation. The “why” of it may be important… Continue Reading →

The ability to be flexible is the ultimate tool to aid you through just about anything. It’s especially helpful when trying to let go of the things you cannot control but it really just makes everything in life a little… Continue Reading →

No matter how great your childhood, how loving your parents were, or how supportive your village was, you were molded with fear and shame that needs un-learning. Maybe mom was always trying new diets and dad learned that showing emotion… Continue Reading →

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