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A Message from the Universe ~ Alone Does Not Equal Lonely

Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that we all need time and space for ourselves. This also, and especially, applies to those…Today’s Crystals…

A Message from the Universe ~ Personal Space and Alone Time, Oracle of the Mermaids Cards

We have such a strange relationship with ourselves. We give and give to everybody else but somehow deem ourselves unworthy of the same. We feel selfish when we consider drawing boundaries and we hinge our identity on the people we… Continue Reading →

“I’m still me.” This phrase may be true on some level but on other levels it is far from the truth. You have experienced beautiful and horrible things. You’ve been learning more and more about what you desire as well… Continue Reading →

It is unrealistic to expect one person to be everything to you or expect that you should be everything to them. We will love a lifetime of people in a million different ways, each person having their unique pull on… Continue Reading →

Today’s card indicates that you are in need of a guide or you may be called to guide others. A person can only do and learn so much on their own. We need others to exchange knowledge and enhance our… Continue Reading →

I’ll admit I was a little thrown off when I first pulled this card because the whole world is either sick or trying not to get sick. We’re hoarding supplies and locking ourselves away from the outside world. Of course… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 3/8/20 – Maeve

We have a tendency to allow our circumstances to dictate the direction of our lives. We might move through our days lamenting the unfairness of life and wishing we had better luck. We might even have a positive outlook but… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 3/6/20 – Transparency

There are things you hide from others and you have every right to keep them to yourself. However, consider what it is and who you’re hiding it from. You undoubtedly have very good reasons for keeping that part of you… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 3/4/20 – Time Out (reversed)

Loneliness is epidemic. We spend all our free time out with others and stay with shitty partners because we don’t want to go home to ourselves. We distract ourselves endlessly to avoid dealing with our demons while letting them run… Continue Reading →

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