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You might not be allowing yourself to imagine anything for your life that is different from what you’ve already lived. You might even dream of great things but write yourself off as someone who could never experience them. Maybe your… Continue Reading →

Whatever it is you’re persuing, be careful not to rush towards it. In order to get what you want, you will need to be still and observe before you take action. Even if you’ve been acting you will still need… Continue Reading →

A Message from the Universe ~Battle Between Heart and Mind

Do not let anger or stubbornness get to you today, whether it’s your own or somebody else’s. Now don’t get me wrong, anger is not a “bad” emotion even though it gets labeled as such. It can inform and motivate… Continue Reading →

I think we’re all familiar with self-doubt. It rears its ugly head when we decide to try something new and hits us hardest in our most difficult times, spilling into other areas of our lives where me might normally feel… Continue Reading →

You might be feeling apathetic or dissatisfied at the moment and who can blame you? It’s been one thing after another this year and we’re all at least a little out of sorts. It’s time to bring some balance back… Continue Reading →

The appearance of Gyhldeptis tells me you’re at war with yourself or spreading yourself too thin. You scatter your energy in so many different directions that everything gets the bare minimum of what it needs because you only have so… Continue Reading →

Someone or some thing has you on the defensive and it is advisable to assess the the situation and your response. If this is a real threat, what are your options? Talking to another may help you to find the… Continue Reading →

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