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Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card _ Against the Grain, Celtic Wisdom Oracle

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Time to Go!, Wisdom of the Oracle Card

Most of us are taught from a very young age that anger is inappropriate. We learn to stuff it down, breathe it out, or turn it to tears. Many of us have seen awful things that come from uncontrolled anger,… Continue Reading →

“Poets were trained in cells without windows.” It sounds pretty ominous right? I love it though because it highlights the conditions in which our inspiration thrives. It is our time in the darkness that gives us the opportunity to experiment… Continue Reading →

The healer appears reversed when we are blocking our own healing. Maybe you don’t want to let go of the pain or maybe you try to avoid feeling it altogether. While I speak largely of emotional pain, I’m also getting… Continue Reading →

The drawing of this card in the reversed position indicates you’ve been hovering around the doorway to something new but have been putting off actually walking through that door. The problem is, the longer you look at that door without… Continue Reading →

We’ve been talking a lot about grief lately but today’s card is for those of you who are avoiding it. You might be pretending everything is fine or even avoiding disconnecting with someone because you know it will be painful… Continue Reading →

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