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Quick Draw Daily Oracle Cards ~ Remember Who the F*** You Are!, Oracle of the Mermaids

Clothes – A Message for Collective, The Prophet Oracle

The Mirror – A Message for Collective, Oracal of the Mermaids

A Message from the Universe ~ The World Needs More of Your Light

You can be the sweetest, juiciest peach on the planet but there will always be people who do not like peaches. You may be trying to mold yourself into someone else’s version of beauty or have given up on your… Continue Reading →

Not everything is as it seems. Do not be so quick to reject someone or something based on its initial appearance as it might be exactly what you needed. One of this card’s keywords is “beauty” and while some of… Continue Reading →

The last time I pulled “The Mirror”, I wrote about accepting and making peace with the darker parts of yourself. Today I felt the need to draw another card and isn’t it just the perfect combo?!Today’s draw is about finding… Continue Reading →

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