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Most of us are taught from a very young age that anger is inappropriate. We learn to stuff it down, breathe it out, or turn it to tears. Many of us have seen awful things that come from uncontrolled anger,… Continue Reading →

Sometimes you know you must walk a path that may seem foolish to those who prefer to remain on roads that are paved. Even if your separation is temporary, you might feel guilt or sadness for having to leave or… Continue Reading →

Fear is our friend but it doesn’t usually feel that way. It informs us of the undesirable and painful possibilities our choices might bring so we can make a safe decision. It is one of the many voices within us… Continue Reading →

This could, for some, actually talk about bringing new human life into the world. For others it may refer to your creative or business projects but this is a message for everyone. We are changing the way we connect with… Continue Reading →

Cages come in many shapes and sizes. They might come in the form of a controlling relationship or a job where you are mistreated. They look like people and circumstances outside of us but they are most often built within… Continue Reading →

Not everybody has some deep dark truth they’re afraid to reveal to others, but we all have a closet that’s full of the pieces of ourselves we try to hide or deny. This is where we keep our perceived flaws… Continue Reading →

There’s a time (often a few) in your life where the world as you know it crumbles around your head. This is your tower moment. It could be a devastating loss but sometimes it’s just a realization that changes how… Continue Reading →

No matter how great your childhood, how loving your parents were, or how supportive your village was, you were molded with fear and shame that needs un-learning. Maybe mom was always trying new diets and dad learned that showing emotion… Continue Reading →

The reversed Hirophant shows up when there is a need to break free from traditional systems and dogmas. There may be something particular in your life that will benefit from an unconventional solution but today’s message is quite specific to… Continue Reading →

Nobody can blame you for stressing over your financial circumstances. We don’t have much of a choice but to live by the economic rules set before us and if you haven’t been able to build up a pretty bank account… Continue Reading →

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