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A Message from the Universe ~ Sacrifice and Closure

A Message from the Universe ~ What you Resist Will Persist

Quick Draw Daily Tarot Cards ~ From Wounded Warrior to Queen of Wands! ~ Tarot of the Divine

Quick Draw Daily Tarot Card ~ Full Speed Ahead!, Celestial Tarot Cards

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Flying Free, Gateway Oracle Card

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Expansion and Fear, Goddess Oracle Cards

Hare ~ Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card, Druid Animal Oracle

The Princess - A Message for Collective, Celtic Wisdom Oracle

Sheila Na Gig – A Message for the Collective, The Goddess Oracle Card

We talk a lot about the calm before the storm or the rainbow after the rain. We dread the violence and upheaval that accompanies the storms of our lives and do all we can to avoid or move past them… Continue Reading →

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