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A Message from the Universe ~ Break Those Chains!

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Slow Down and Pay Attention!, Queen of the Moon Oracle Card

Clarity and Overwhelm – A Message for Collective, Elemental Oracle

You might look at your life and feel as if you are at a standstill. You may look at the world around you and feel like chaos is king. You might even feel like it’s the end of the world,… Continue Reading →

It is time to look at where you’ve been and where you’re going. You may have thought you had everything planned out but your circumstances changed. You may want different things than you did a year ago or you might… Continue Reading →

Most of us are taught from a very young age that anger is inappropriate. We learn to stuff it down, breathe it out, or turn it to tears. Many of us have seen awful things that come from uncontrolled anger,… Continue Reading →

It’s easy to feel weighed down or frightened by all that is happening in our world right now. Things are changing at a very fundamental level and we are experiencing the destruction of what no longer serves us as a… Continue Reading →

A Message from the Universe ~ O! That Gnome!

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