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Message from the Universe ~ Time to Ask for Help

A Message from the Universe ~ Why Do You Give?

A Message from the Universe ~ Abundance and Unity

A Message from the Universe ~ The Biome, Elemental Oracle Card

A Message from the Universe ~ The World Needs More of Your Light

Pardon the state of this poor faery, the whole deck once faced the jaws of a friendly but overzealous furry friend. They’ve been through it but they remain my most trusted and valuable companions. There’s a certain poetry to the… Continue Reading →

You may be feeling as if you don’t fit. This could be a feeling that’s been with you since childhood or you may have recently gone through changes that make you feel no longer able to relate to those who… Continue Reading →

When this card appears reversed it challenges you to examine your relationship with money and success. Do you feel like you’re not successful if you have to ask for help? Do you put your career before your loved ones or… Continue Reading →

The path to abundance begins with recognizing that it is always around you as well as within you. If you cannot be grateful for what you already have, you will never have enough. We’ve become so accustomed to being or… Continue Reading →

You know what needs to be done and you are being urged to stand up for yourself or others. Of course it will not be easy. You may be afraid of how others will see you, or that you might… Continue Reading →

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