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A Message from the Universe ~ Pulling Your Pieces into Wholeness

A Message from the Universe ~ Feeling a Little Down?

A Message from the Universe ~ A Period of Rest, Wild Unknown Pocket A Message from the Universe ~ A Period of Rest

The Star represents healing, hope, inspiration and flowing creativity. I feel that there is finally some forward movement on the horizon after a long period of stagnation, pessimism and doubt. Things are ever changing and our difficulties are subject to… Continue Reading →

It’s easy to feel weighed down or frightened by all that is happening in our world right now. Things are changing at a very fundamental level and we are experiencing the destruction of what no longer serves us as a… Continue Reading →

Massive cycles and patterns are ending for the collective right now. Most of us are standing on the threshold of the door that is ushering in the new, possibly not feeling quite ready to step through just yet. Some of… Continue Reading →

Some of you are trying to ignore your worries and some of you are working through them. You don’t need me to tell you which is more beneficial but you may need a reminder.

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