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Have you ever been in a state of desperation or hopelessness and at the last moment something beautiful comes through? This is the Faery Godmother at her finest, these are blessings you might not think you deserve or might not… Continue Reading →

Peace is not the absence difficulty, it lies in our ability to accept ourselves and our world for what they truly are. This doesn’t mean we give up on creating change either, we just create from a space of better… Continue Reading →

“Poets were trained in cells without windows.” It sounds pretty ominous right? I love it though because it highlights the conditions in which our inspiration thrives. It is our time in the darkness that gives us the opportunity to experiment… Continue Reading →

Life is a mixed bag of highs and lows with a lot of filler inbetween. There is no “one day” that comes for anyone where things like pain and sadness become a thing of the past but how you move… Continue Reading →

There’s a time (often a few) in your life where the world as you know it crumbles around your head. This is your tower moment. It could be a devastating loss but sometimes it’s just a realization that changes how… Continue Reading →

Whatever storm you are weathering right now, there are breaks in the clouds where the sun shines through and moments of stillness between windy gusts. Today’s message is one of hope. It might be a while yet before the storm… Continue Reading →

The reversed 5 of Cups indicates you are either finally moving on from a difficult loss or there is a great for you to do so. This is not about “sucking it up” though. This is about not immersing yourself… Continue Reading →

You’re making your life much more difficult than it has to be because you’re not prioritizing where your time, energy, money, and brain space are going. This could be as obvious as decluttering your home and deciding not to bring… Continue Reading →

You are holding back your song, your words, your very essence. Where once you may have learned to make yourself small to protect yourself, it now seems that you have adopted it as a part of who you are rather… Continue Reading →

Do you feel as if you are a magnet for those who would betray you? Maybe you feel as if you cannot place your trust in anybody because you’re certain they will hurt you with it. You might be obsessing… Continue Reading →

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