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Even the most wonderful changes can evoke fear within us. We find ourselves full of self doubt and uncertainty, we imagine all the things that can go wrong. Of course the more difficult changes send us far deeper into that… Continue Reading →

It’s time to get out of your head and take that leap! You’ve been going back and forth in your head, unable to decide on an action and fear is trying to dominate the conversation. Of course there is no… Continue Reading →

I think we’re all familiar with self-doubt. It rears its ugly head when we decide to try something new and hits us hardest in our most difficult times, spilling into other areas of our lives where me might normally feel… Continue Reading →

Sometimes when we try to take a reasonable approach to a passionate or emotional circumstance, we are not acting out of reason at all, we are acting out of fear. We withhold ourselves from our passions instead of pursuing them… Continue Reading →

The drawing of this card in the reversed position indicates you’ve been hovering around the doorway to something new but have been putting off actually walking through that door. The problem is, the longer you look at that door without… Continue Reading →

You know what needs to be done and you are being urged to stand up for yourself or others. Of course it will not be easy. You may be afraid of how others will see you, or that you might… Continue Reading →

You don’t have to be an empath to be disturbed by the energies of those around you. Most of us have known or met people who suck the happy right out of us with their constant negativity or silence us… Continue Reading →

We’ve been talking a lot about grief lately but today’s card is for those of you who are avoiding it. You might be pretending everything is fine or even avoiding disconnecting with someone because you know it will be painful… Continue Reading →

Fear is not just some big, bad monster that chisels away at our sanity. It is necessary for survival though, as with all things, there is need for a healthy balance. Fear has been, and continues to be used, as… Continue Reading →

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